(Jedlíkova 9)

At the beginning of each semester, users can get access to the local network. Usually, the first to the second week of the semester takes place on Wednesday from 20:00 to 23:00. The exact date will be published on time in the announcements on www server www.intrak.sk and in the form of posters on posters at elevators and PCKlub.
Need for registration:

1. Printed application form for civic association from UserPanel interface (can be registered and filled in the day of enrollment in UIK, remember MAC address of network card)
2. Payment confirmation 27 €
3. Time to wait for advice

In order to speed up the registration, all the necessary documents, a receipt for payment and the correct completion are required.


If your system generates an application without a computer, you are unlikely to enter it into the system. This application is invalid and you need to add a computer and re-regenerate the application.
If you have any problems, please contact us via the helpdesk in the userpanel before you sign up. If you come to an enrollment with an invalid application, you will be taken back and you will need to be back again.