This club was created in 1997 on students house Jedlíkova 9 and main purpose was build a pc network with internet connection. Most contribution for building that network is from Patrik Ostrihoň (pa3k), Ján Ondrej (Sal), Ľuboš Vítek (Fanatik), Marcel Klein (Emsi), Marek Ondrej, Monika Farkašová and Stano Kušnír, members of student council headed by Karol Horanský. First network was built in 1996 on some of rooms of A block of Jedlíkova 9. However this network unfit for fire and network standards. In this case was built PCKlub and extended network. There was installed network sockets on walls, new cabeling system was build and split into fixed and movable. Hovewer this network was limited to one, lately two and more hubs.
In 1998 was network extended to whole block A, hubs was replaced with switches. Other people were gradually joining themselves on their own initiative, especially on block B, and since the switches could not be enough for capacity, HUBs were connected for the expansion. About 150 computers were connected to the network at that time. Of course, network was overloaded especially outside to the wide world. For this reason, the PC Club was forced, especially by SANET, to take a very unpopular step: to introduce a quota.
In 1999 was next expansion. The PC Club has recruited other temporary members – technicians – to implement the expansion of the network to all rooms on blocks A, B, C. Each room has two connections, some of them four. The entire network has been rebuilt and passive elements have been eliminated – HUBs that have been replaced by switches. The result was 350 connected computers. At the end of the school year 1999/2000, Jedlíkova 13 joins the network.
Until 2000, the network consisted of approximately 550 computers. Jedlíkova 5 a 13 were connected. There was 16 switches on J9, one on J13 and six on J5. Of course, servers were also adequately upgraded during network development. Initially, one alpha server and a firewall, in 1999 a second bravo server was added. While the first is user and students have accounts on it, the other is a system server. The original school connectivity was provided by a 33.6kbs modem. Later it rose to 64kbit and gradually as the better modems managed to get faster speed. Later, the speed was up to 512kbit, which is beyond the guaranteed quality limits of the line; nevertheless, this speed was maintained for most of the time.
Finally, in 2001, after a long struggle with bureaucracy, we managed to launch a new school line with a capacity of about 3.5 Mbps, which consisted of two parts: 1. part of the bridge between our students house and the medical school based in the teaching hospital building using wireless connection – about 2.7 km 2nd part was an existing optical route between the Faculty of Medicine and UVT TU Košice through UVT UPJŠ Košice This new line replaced the rented analogue circuit from Slovak Telecommunications. To launch this line, it was necessary to install a wireless Point-to-Point connection on our roof and the hospital roof and build two routers, one at the LF, the other at UVT UPJŠ.
In December 2002 we managed to run 100 Mbps optical link to school and in October 2004 we upgraded the line to 1 Gbit / s. The number of connected computers exceeded 1000. At the end of 2004, there were already 4 active connections in each room of the J9 students house.
In early 2005, students houses of Božena Němcová and Ferko Urbánek were connected. In April, all connections to Jedlíková 9 were tested and new outlets in the club and server room were connected. A new film and statistical server was also purchased. In May, multicast broadcasts were launched thanks to the purchased Cisco Catalyst 3750 Switch-Router.
In the summer of 2006, the terminal was remodeled, and later in November the server room with APs was also available. Servers also received upgrades by purchasing two 1U IBM racks. Almost 1800 computers have already been connected to the network.
In January 2007, students house of the Letecká fakulta (Rampová 7) joined us. Two 1U IBM servers were deployed to live operation. It went to a centralized data storage system (MySQL database). A new information system has been launched to log on to the network. All connections at Jedlíkova 9 were re-tested. In March, wifi was launched on blocks A and B. The mail server from Compaq Proliant to 1U IBM was also upgraded. In April, optics was brought to block C of Dormitory J9